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What's that Weed? Creeping Thistle

June 18, 2018

A member of the Asteraceae family of Creeping Thistle is an herbaceous perennial weed with sharp, prickly leaves (sometimes with lilac-pink flowers) that emerges in early June and can infest landscapes throughout the U.S. through late October.  A member of the Asteraceae family of thistles, this weed can spread rapidly via its highly aggressive spreading root system, or its ability to scatter thousands of seeds in a short time. 

TurfCare™ Academy: The Science Behind Humic Substances

June 15, 2018

Did you know not all humic substances are alike? The category of “humic substances” represents a large variety of humic compounds with very different properties. Some humics are beneficial; others have little or no benefit to plants. Did you know that most states don’t require manufactures of fertilizers and soil amendments to tell you which kinds of humic substances are inside their products? Don’t be fooled into purchasing humic-based products that don’t work! Learning the basic science behind humic substances will give you the tools you need to understand which humic-based products have the most value...

Turf[TECH]Report: Post-Emergent Herbicides

June 14, 2018

Warmer temperatures have finally arrived, and in some parts of the United States it has already had months of consistent sunny heat! Unfortunately, along with the arrival of warmer days typically comes weeds. For a weed free lawn all year long, a timely application of nitrogen coupled with a pre-emergent herbicide is an important first step to take as soon as temperatures climb into the 50s.  But due to unpredictable weather or missing the application all together, there is a good possibility that weeds have infested your lawn. And once weeds take hold, they don’t leave willingly.  The solution:  post-emergent herbicides...

Weed of the Week: Crabgrass

May 4, 2018

Type: Crabgrass is a common lawn invader that most people are already familiar with. This is a low growing, grassy summer annual weed that's a troublesome pest that lowers turf quality and appearance. Crabgrass is a prolific seed producer; one plant can produce over...

JOE KNOWS! Nitrogen Stabilizers 

May 3, 2018

Turf's Defense Against Environmental Nitrogen Loss: When it comes to nutrition, most plants (including turf grass) require more nitrogen than any other element to maintain a healthy growth rate and vibrant appearance. Unfortunately, nature is quite effective at hindering both natural and synthetic nitrogen-based fertilizers from reaching their intended target. Discover how stabilized nitrogen technology can be turf's defense against environmental nitrogen loss...

Turf[TECH]Report - Controlled/Slow Release Fertilizers  [Part 2]

April 17, 2018

This segment of Turf[TECH]Report, is second of a two-part series. Part 1 focused on how controlled/slow release fertilizers work, and how to compare the various technologies. This series, Part 2 takes the time to teach you how to read and understand controlled/slow release label language and review the different kinds of products on the market. This article will supply you with all the important information you need to determine which slow/controlled release fertilizer is best for you. Click to learn more...

Turf[TECH]Report - Controlled/Slow Release Fertilizers  [Part 1]

April 11, 2018

What are CRN/SRN Fertilizers and How do Various Coating Technologies Compare? Spring has finally arrived! Time to revive your turf and supply it with what it needs to assure a lush green appearance all season long. So, what’s the key to healthy green turf? Fertilizer. But when it comes to selecting the right fertilizer for the job, with so many different technologies and analyses to choose from, making a selection can seem overwhelming. No worries, we are here to help! Click to learn more...

Nitrogen's Role in Lawn Health

April 5, 2018

The Necessity of Nitrogen in Sustaining Your Lawn Care Program! All plants require a certain balance of elements for proper growth and appearance. Among these balanced elements are the primary macronutrients, Nitrogen (N),  Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K), which are needed in the greatest quantities. Discover why nitrogen is such an important component of a lawn care maintenance program...

JOE KNOWS! Biosolids

April 2, 2018

Understanding Biosolids and How There Presence in Soil Enhances Turf: Biosolids are nutrient-rich organic residues left over from the treatment of animal waste, most commonly harvested from sewage sludge at waste water treatment plants. They are generally an environmental friendly source of N-P-K nutrients (when applied at the recommended application rate), allowing the user to apply less synthetic N-P-K fertilizer to the soil. Learn more about biosolids and how applying them to a lawn can enhance turf...

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March 13, 2018

It’s finally here! Learn Why Everyone is “AMP’d Up” for the arrival of TCS AMP-XC™ Liquid Concentrate! – Turf Care Supply Corp. is excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated TCS AMP-XC™ Liquid Concentrate. TCS AMP-XC™ Liquid Concentrate [‘AMP-XC™ (L)’] would not have been developed without the insightful feedback of its valued users. Since AMP-XC™ technology on Hi-Calcium Lime, Gypsum and granular fertilizer proved such excellent results and received continued rave reviews a liquid concentrated formula was requested and produced. Now in a liquid concentrate, the AMP-XC™ technology is completely versatile, allowing you to tank mix it with almost anything! Click to discover more...

Phosphorus' Role in Lawn Health

March 8, 2018

Healthy lawns depend on a well-balanced fertilizer program that provides the essential elements it needs like: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). A healthy lawn is necessary to successfully ward off weeds, insects and disease. Although most fertilizers contain a variety of elements, in this article we are going to focus on just phosphorus (P)! Discover why phosphorus’ role in turf and soil is important to the overall health of a lawn...

Turf[TECH]Report - Pre-Emergent Herbicides: The Key to Controlling Weeds Before They Start

March 6, 2018

Spring has finally arrived! Grass isn’t the only thing that grows in your yard. Scattered across the soil in and below the thatch layer are countless seeds that secretly landed in your yard last fall, and they’ve been waiting all winter for this opportunity. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem; one that kills the weeds from the onset but leaves your lawn unharmed: pre-emergent herbicides. Click to learn more...

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Winter Advisory! How Winterkill Affects Cool & Warm Season Turf

February 5, 2018

Predicting winterkill can be a difficult task because there is not just one, but a variety of ways it can wreak havoc on turf grass. No matter the region or mild winter temperatures, winterkill has the ability to attack both cool and warm season grasses. Although winterkill can affect any region and grass type, the damage they face may not be the same. Throughout this article you will learn what to expect if winterkill happens in your region as well as what you can do to ensure your turf can sustain the harsh conditions of colder weather. Click to learn more...

Turf Grass Climate Regions

February 2, 2018

Before determining a turf care program, a person must understand their climate region, the turf grass species they want to treat and the best practice for treatment. Gaining an understanding of these factors can help create a turf care program that will ensure a healthy, beautiful lawn year-round. Read more to discover your turf grass climate region...

The TURF[TECH]REPORT–Iron’s Function in Plant Health

February 2, 2018

Iron is one of the most recognizable micronutrients in plant science. Although needed in small quantities, its impact on plant health is profound. Click to learn more...

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Understanding Lawn Care Product Labels: How UNDERSTANDING a Label can Help you CHOOSE the CORRECT Product for your Needs!

January 23, 2018

TurfCare™ Supply manufacturers a variety of high quality fertilizers, control and soil amendment products for different turf care needs. To get the best results, it is important to choose the one that’s right for the task at hand. The first step to choosing the correct product is understanding how to read the label. Click to learn more...

JOE KNOWS! Sulfur's Role in Turf & Soil Health

December 20, 2017

Why Sulfur's Presence in Soil is Crucial to a Sustainable Turf: Without sulfur, plant life (and all life), would not be possible. Often thought of as the 4th “primary” or “macronutrient,” sulfur plays an essential role in maintaining healthy turf. Discover why Sulfur is an important nutrient for sustainable soil and turf...

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Winter Advisory! Understanding Turf Grass Winterkill

December 20, 2017

A major concern for green industry professionals is turf grass damage and lose due to the cool winter weather and the unforeseen happenings of mother nature. As temperatures drop, one may be worried about their turf experiencing winter kill. But what is winterkill and how does it affect turf? Click to discover more...

Taking a glance inside the 2017 New England GROWS Show with the TurfCare™ Road Crew

December 19, 2017

At the end of November, the TurfCare Road Cresset out to Boston, Massachusetts to participate in the 2017 New England GROWS show. Take a glance and discover what the show was like for the attendees and Turf Care...

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Snow Shoveling Safety Reminders

December 19, 2017

8 Reminders to Keep Your Crew and Yourself Safe While Shoveling Snow this Winter: Shoveling snow is hard, strenuous and tedious work, especially during a large snow storm. Here are a few shoveling safety reminders to keep your team and you safe out shoveling this winter...

JOE KNOWS! Micronutrients Effect on Turf

November 20, 2017

Why They're Important and How pH Affects Their Bioavailability in Soil: When it comes to making the most of trace elements in the soil, plants are incredibly resourceful! These elements may only be needed in small quantities, but when deficient in soils their absence can have a profound effect on turf health. Find out what concentration of micronutrients is necessary to maintain a healthy plant, what are the micronutrients and how to maintain soil pH properly to enhance micronutrients in plants...

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Liquid vs. Granular Fertilizer

November 20, 2017

Learn the PROs & CONs to Find Which Method is BETTER for Your LAWN CARE NEEDS! If you have ever fertilized a lawn, you have probably been faced with the dilemma of whether or not to use a liquid or a granular application. It is helpful to review their differences prior to making the choice of application to decide which will work best for you. Click to learn more...

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Taking a Glance Inside the 2017 GIE+EXPO with the TurfCare™ Road Crew

November 17, 2017

Last month, the TurfCare Road Crew set out to Louisville, Kentucky to participate in the 2017 GIE+EXPO. Take a look to see what this years show was like through the eyes of the TurfCare Road Crew...

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Joe Knows! FALL into These Lawn Care Habits

October 13, 2017

6 Easy Steps to Winterize Your Lawn for a Spectacular Spring: To ensure that your turf grass can survive the winter months, there are many steps you can take to “winterize” your lawn so that it has all the growing conditions and nutrients needed to make it through even the harshest conditions. Completing these 6 simple steps in autumn will strengthen your turf grass and give you the kind of lawn you’ve always dreamed about come spring! Discover more...

Tackling Weeds in The Fall

October 13, 2017

Win the Fight Against Late Season Invaders! Did you know that one of the best times to promote a healthy lawn and treat for weeds is the fall? Learn more...

The Turf[TECH]Report - Prodiamine: Widely Used & Effective Pre-Emergent Herbicide

October 11, 2017

When most of us think about crabgrass and broadleaf weed control, we tend to think about heavy applications of pre-emergent herbicides in the spring. In fact, fall is an equally important time to treat your lawn. In this edition of Turf[TECH]Report, we’re taking a closer look at one of the widely used and most cost effective pre-emergent herbicides on the market: Prodiamine. Click to learn more...

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Fertilizer powered by AMP-XC™ with Humic!

September 7, 2017

New Professional Turf Fertilizer powered by AMP-C™ with Humic is sure to INCREASE Nutrient Availability and IMPROVE Plant Performance to Get MORE Out Of Your Fertility Management Programs. Click to learn more about the benefits...

Joe Knows...

September 6, 2017

Meet TurfCare's New Agronomist: Look for Joe's Upcoming Advice and Tips on Plant Health and Lawn Care Management...Some of Joe’s responsibilities include fertilizer recipe formulation and label review. Joe has been charged with the task of researching and developing new technologies which will help TurfCare™ maintain its status as an industry leading producer and supplier of turf fertilizers, soil amendments and control products. Learn more about what Joe is planning on bringing to TurfCare™ and more...

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Potassium's Role In Lawn Health

September 1, 2017

The Necessity of Potassium in Your Lawn Care Program: Maintaining a lawn with a well-balanced fertilizer program is key to promoting strong, healthy lawn that can withstand weed and insect infestations as well as suppress diseases. Discover why potassium’s role in turf and soil is important to the overall health of a lawn...

Landscape Maintenance 101

August 1, 2017

5 Ways To Cultivate Healthy, Beautiful Plants and Ornamentals: Landscaping adds to a home's value, curb appeal and over all aesthetics but beyond installation, plants, ornamentals, trees, and shrubs must be properly maintained to keep up their beautiful appearance. Once you make the investment to install, these landscape additions can be long lasting enjoyments to a home if properly cared for. Follow these 5 tips to manage and maintain your plants and landscapes for years to come...

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