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September 6, 2017

Meet TurfCare's New Agronomist 
Look for Joe's Upcoming Advice & Tips on Plant Health & Lawn Care Management!

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Joe Marchinchin earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, OH. He went on to earn his Master of Science in Agronomy, (emphasis: plant molecular biology) in the Crop & Soil Sciences Department of Penn State University in State College, PA. At Penn State, Joe studied the roles CCoAOMT genes play in the regulation of lignin deposition inside the cell walls of corn cobs, and how differences in lignin content confer resistance against key fungal pathogens that might contaminate corn kernels. 

Joe is TurfCare™’s new Agronomist. Some of Joe’s responsibilities include fertilizer recipe formulation and label review. Joe has been charged with the task of researching and developing new technologies which will help TurfCare™ maintain its status as an industry leading producer and supplier of turf fertilizers, soil amendments and control products. Two of Joe’s goals are to (1) transition and conduct more of Turfcare™’s R&D ‘in house,’ and (2) provide a strong scientific foundation for all of TurfCare™’s emerging products and technologies. Joe is grateful for the opportunity TurfCare™ has provided him to share his passion for plant biology with all of TurfCare™’s customers.

An avid writer, Joe will also be a regular contributor to our monthly newsletter, The TurfReport. In addition to providing helpful tips for keeping your lawn lush and green throughout the growing season, Joe will also be sharing exciting stories from the plant science research community as well as the turf science arena. From the role macro and micronutrients play in plant metabolism, to controlling those pesky weeds that pop up in the spring, Joe is happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the art and science of maintaining a beautiful lawn.

 When Joe is not in the office helping to bring new and exciting lawn care products to market or networking with leaders in the turf sciences, he can usually be found trackside with his camera. Ever since he was a little kid, Joe has a passion for railroad history and modern railroad operations. In his spare time, Joe has authored and reviewed nearly 1000 pages of written material for railroad historical societies and rail preservation groups. He has been published nationally in Trains Magazine, and has had his photographs published in other leading regional rail magazines. Joe also enjoys nature/landscape photography, hiking, and off-the-beaten path traveling. Some of Joe’s favorite artists include Styx, Billy Joel, and Shania Twain. Joe is also fond of classical music; his favorite composer is Maurice Ravel.

Despite all of Joe’s accomplishments throughout his working career and in his hobbies, his single greatest accomplishment in life was marrying his high-school sweetheart, Melissa, in April of 2017, on the exact day of their 13 year anniversary. 

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