Controlling Nitrogen Loss so Your Plants Get More, the Environment Gets Less, and You Get the Most Out of Your Fertilizer Investment

The more nitrogen you make available to your plants, the better they will grow!

Studies have shown that significant loss of nitrogen occurs form the soil surface when using urea fertilizers in broadcast applications. ALL-N is a urease inhibitor product that helps reduce loss of urea N as ammonia until rainfall or water can move urea into the soil. The loss of nitrogen from urea in the form of ammonia is referred to as volatilization. In laboratory tests, ALL-N coated urea reduced nitrogen volatilization from 67% to only 10%. By reducing this volatility, more nitrogen can remain in the soil for a longer period of time.

ALL-N™ contains the proven technology Arborite™ from Gavillon. The ALL-N™ technology uses a unique NBPT-dissolving system to penetrate urea granules. NBPT (n-butyl thiophosphoric triamide) inhibits the conversion of urea to ammonia which decreases potential loss from volatility, keeps nitrogen in the soil longer and improves nitrogen availability. This proven technology combined with Turf Care Supply’s top quality manufacturing process will ensure you get a premium product that will improve your plant’s health and get the most out of your nitrogen investment.

Benefits of ALL-N™

  • Helps increase nitrogen retention in the soil for longer periods.
  • Can result in improved color, vigor and overall turf nutrition.
  • Intended to reduce overall cost and increase customer satisfaction due to improved nitrogen efficiency.

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