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Coated Technologies

Polymer Coated sulfur Coated Urea (SCU)

TurfCare™ is North America’s largest producer of premium-grade sulfur coated fertilizers. Our polymer coated sulfur urea has a primary coating of sulfur which is coated with a polymer sealant. Nitrogen is released through microbial action, hydrolysis, and gradual physical breakdown of the coating. Our SCU is a proven technology that provides a consistent, efficient and cost effective source of


XCU® provides gradual, long-lasting release of nitrogen, which promotes optimal nutrient uptake by the plant. XCU® also has the highest nitrogen content (43%) and the lowest sulfur content (4%) of any PCSCU on the market which means, XCU® provides up to 10-12 weeks of healthy plant growth and color. Available in 2 sizes to fit any application.


Excellent CONTROLLED RELEASED NITROGEN. With Duration®, nitrogen is released gradually throughout the plants growth cycle, resulting in precise and predictable feeding that lasts for weeks, months or a whole season with just one application. Available in 2 sizes and four longevities to fit any application.

Reacted Technology


A Slow Release Nitrogen/Methylene urea with a guaranteed analysis of 40-0-0. Provides long-lasting feeding and nutrient uptake by the plant for up to 16 weeks. Nutralene® is also 40% water-insoluble NITROGEN (WIN) and is available in 3 sizes to fit any application.

Stabilized Nitrogen Technology

All N

ALL-N™ (A Nitrogen Inhibitor) contains the proven technology Arborite™ from Gavilon. The technology uses a unique NBPT dissolving system to penetrate urea granules. NBPT (n-butyl thiophosphoric triamide) helps inhibit the conversion of urea to ammonia and carbon dioxide. Reducing this volatility results in slowed nitrogen loss until adequate rain or irrigation can occur.

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