NEW: AMP-XCâ„¢ Liquid Concentrate


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NEW TCS AMP-XC™ Liquid Concentrate with Iron & Humic
TCS AMP-XC™ Liquid Concentrate is a premium blend of metabolites, protein hydrolysates, and humic acids, which is enhanced with the nutrient transport technology, Mobilizer™. This revolutionary product is designed to meet your turf’s nutritional needs by driving root systems right to ingredients, resulting in maximum uptake efficiency. This powerful combination of ingredients activates several beneficial biological and environmental responses in the plant and soil, resulting in a thicker, hardier root system and a dense, lush green turf. 


  • Improves fertilizer efficiency, nutrient availability & uptake
  • Promotes deeper, stronger, and more well-developed root systems
  • Increases overall turf health & seedling viability
  • Improves flowering & budding
  • Reduces compaction; improves water absorption & stress management


  • Stimulates root growth (longer primary roots and more root hairs) leading to thicker, heartier root systems
  • Deepens the plant’s green color through increased chlorophyll production, resulting in increased         photosynthesis
  • Improves the sequestration of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other cations difficult to procure from the soil
  • Increases abiotic stress tolerance through better root systems (heat, drought, salt)
  • Assists turf in recovering from the effects of physical agitation stress (high foot traffic)
  • Amends clay and sandy soils with beneficial organic matter
  • Fortifies turf’s ability to survive prolonged winter dormancy
  • Improves rooting in newly germinated seeds

How Does this Product Benefit Turf & Ornamentals

AMP-XC™ increases overall root length and root hair density, significantly increasing the plant’s ability to access and transport more nutrients bound in the soil before they are lost.  AMP-XC™ helps to use macronutrients more efficiently by taking advantage of the plant’s naturally biochemistry.  When used at the prescribed application rates in conjunction with a fertilization program, macronutrient inputs (N-P-K) may be reduced by up to 30% in common turf grasses.  AMP-XCTM results in better, more well-developed root systems that help turf defend against numerous biotic stresses (i.e. fungal pathogens and herbivory), and abiotic stresses (i.e. heat, drought, salt, and prolonged winters). 



AMP-XC™ is a powerful combination of metabolites and protein hydrolysates made up of essential amino acids, naturally sourced and combined at a specific ratio to ensure excellent nutrient uptake resulting in a healthier, stronger turf. 

Primary & Secondary Metabolites

Primary Metabolites are a broad class of organic compounds that are essential for normal plant growth and development.  From respiration and cell division to energy production and reproduction, primary metabolites drive the biochemistry of all living things.  Secondary Metabolites are organic compounds that help plants cope with many biotic and abiotic stresses.  These compounds increase an organism’s survivability by boosting disease resistance and discouraging herbivory (insect damage).

Protein Hydrolysates

Protein Hydrolysates are chains of essential amino acids.  Plants can metabolize protein hydrolysates to build new proteins.  In turn, these proteins play a vital role in plant growth and development.  Proteins are essential macromolecules that catalyze numerous biological processes.  The amino acids that comprise protein hydrolysates are required at every stage of plant growth and development (ex:  photosynthesis, respiration, nutrition acquisition/utilization, stress-tolerance mechanisms, etc.)  Lush, green turf comes from foliar tissue packed with chlorophyll, pigmented molecules that allow the plant to convert sunlight into useful energy.  Without an abundance of amino acids to build chlorophyll molecules, plants suffer from a condition called chlorosis, most commonly visualized by the yellowing of turf blades. 

Humic Substances

Humic substances are created by the microbial degradation of biomolecules (lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, lignin) dispersed in the environment after the death of living cells.  Humic substances act as all-natural biostimulants; they have a “hormone-like effect” on plant growth and metabolism. In addition to playing other roles in plant nutrient uptake, humic substances have the remarkable ability to chelate (attach and hold) positively charged ions (Mg, Ca, Fe, and other “trace minerals” cations) in the soil.  Humic substances then deliver these essential micronutrients to the plant by adsorbing (attaching) to the root hairs so that they may be transported into the plant for use.  Humic substances help aerate compacted soils such as clay, allowing for enhanced water penetration and retention.  Soils rich in humics promote vigorous root growth and development.  Adding humic substances to sandy soils results in increased water retention and decreased nutrient leaching. 

Chelated Iron

Chelated iron (EDTA iron) is a form of soluble iron that is readily available for absorption by plants.  Iron is involved in the production of chlorophyll, a pigmented molecule inside the plant cell that makes a plant appear green.  An abundance of iron results in a higher rate of chlorophyll production. Severe iron deficiencies in plants leads to chlorosis.