AMP-XC™ Technology

To watch an animation that explains the active ingredients and powerful benefits of AMP-XC™ Technology click below.

TurfCare™ offers ENHANCED soil amendments, fertilizers and liquid concentrate powered by the AMP-XC™ technology. Our line of ENHANCED soil amendments include Gypsum and Hi-Cal Lime powered by the AMP-XC™ technology. To view specs, labels and sales information choose from one of the products below: 

Gypsum Powered by AMP-XC

Calcitic Lime Powered by AMP-XC

Too read more about AMP-XC™ and see images of application results please visit our blog!


AMP-XC™ Product Trial 

Click below to view the results of Hi-Cal Lime powered by AMP-XC™ applied to seed after seven day trial.