Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: 

Bryan Robertson, IT Network Administrator

This month the Employee Spotlight is focused on the very deserving Bryan Robertson, Turf Care Supply’s IT Network Administrator.  Bryan joined the Information Technology department in August of 2007.  Highly valued by the company, Bryan jumps in to solve any and all network or hardware issues, when a good ole fashion reboot just won’t do the trick. 

Bryan has worked tirelessly to assure the security of the TCS network.  Even though it's difficult to stop every spam email, he has built a very secure system, recently upgrading our network protection once again and helping to deploy Microsoft Advanced Threat Protect to reduce our spam and phishing emails. 

Since our team and network have to be up and running during business hours, many network maintenance issues or upgrades have to take place in the evenings or weekends. Bryan never frets at this notion, even when it means working around the clock. Bryan always does what is needed to assure our network is safe and up to date.  Most recent, Bryan spent his weekend working to fix a phone system outage at one of our facilities to make sure everything was up and running by Monday morning.

Bryan has an innovative mind when exploring change and is always working toward making improvements.  He is constantly researching new ways to better our network and will not subscribe to the adage, “that’s the way we always did it.”  He also keeps an eye on the bottom line.  He negotiated with multiple computer hardware vendors to find the optimal solution for TCS for the best value.

In this day and age, we cannot live without our computers, phones, and technology.  That is why Bryan is such an integral and valued part of the TCS team, he keeps or networks secure, our company running smoothly and our employees connected.  We found our go to person in Bryan Robertson and we give him the long overdue recognition in this months’ employee spotlight.