NEW PRODUCT: AMP-XC Bio-Stimulant Technology

January 26, 2016

AMP-XC™ Proves Extreme Benefits to Plant Health

AMP-XC™ is a combination of powerful ingredients that quickly activates numerous biological and environmental responses leading to an extreme improvement in a plants appearance and overall health. AMP-XC™ is a non hormonal Bio-Stimulant Technology that includes three 100% soluble key ingredients that can be applied to a variety of nutrient based carriers, including high calcium lime, gypsum and fertilizers.

Watch this video to see the powerful AMP-XC™ in action!

AMP-XC™’s three components consist of:

GABA-RX - a proprietary blend of Amino Acids and Proteins that activates the GABA shunt in plants along with many other plant health benefits.

Humic – a substance produced by bio-degradation of organic matter and has been proven to offer many soil benefits.

Iron - A formulation of both EDTA and Ferrous Sulfate Monohydrate Iron, both of which are involved in the production of chlorophyll.

AMP-XC™ Application Benefits:

  • Maintains / adjusts soil PH levels
  • Enhances the plants green color through increased photosynthesis and chlorophyll concentrations
  • Stimulates root growth leading to thicker and more stable turf
  • Temperature and drought hardiness, improving turfs ability to survive longer into winter months and in drought conditions
  • Improved tolerance to stress
  • Amplified usage of nutrients (both micro and macro) within the soil
  • Improved utilization of calcium and other cations difficult to consume from soil
  • Stimulates soil microorganisms with more efficient breakdown of organic matter
  • Acts as a natural chelator
  • Increase in shoot and blade production

AMP-XC™ Application Results

Effects on Turf Grass (After 5 days):

Grass Rooting Study:

Nutrient Uptake Test Results from the GABA-RX™ ingredient in AMP-XC™:

Watch this AMP-XC™ 7 Day Product Trial:

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