Regional Lawn Care Programs

May 31, 2017


Professionally Recommended LAWN CARE PROGRAMS to Help Your Lawn look HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL All Season Long!
Looking for advice or simply just in need of an update for a TurfCare™ Lawn Care Program? Check out our professionally recommended Regional Lawn Care Programs.

Please note: We service these regions of the US: northeast, midwest and southeast. All Lawn Care Programs are based off a general application schedule in the specified region of US that we service. These suggested programs are for a broad range of states; check with your local distributor for the best products in your area. TurfCare™ products can be found at professional distributors in multiple different regions. Some products may not be available in certain areas due to product state regulations. Talk to your local professional lawn care distributor for further information about a competitive TCS Lawn Care Program in your area based off this chart. If you have an inquiry about a product or different product chemistry, talk to your distribution sales rep.

CLICK HERE for more information on locating your local distributor to purchase/order recommended products.


  1.  Wait 5-7 weeks between fertilizer & control product applications to avoid burning your lawn.
  2. Sweep any product that lands in the driveway, sidewalk, or street back into your lawn.
  3. Water in products after application to activate and reduce product loss due to volatilization.
  4.  Review all active ingredients on product label to determine if the blend is appropriate for your specific lawn type. Check with your local distributor for more information on grass type and proper product chemistries to use for your area.

Northeast Lawn Care Program
Download for Print: Northeast Lawn Care Program 

Midwest Lawn Care Programs
Northern Midwest Lawn Care Program
Download for Print: Northern Midwest Lawn Care Program 

Southern Midwest Lawn Care Program 
Download for Print: Southern Midwest Lawn Care Program 

Southeast Lawn Care Program
Download for Print: Southeast Lawn Care Program 

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