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September 7, 2017

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Improves Plant Performance to Get MORE Out Of Your Fertility Management Programs
Due to the success of the AMP-XC™ Enhanced line of soil amendments and starter, incredible field test results and by popular request, Turf Care Supply Corp. has decided to offer this powerful technology on fertilizer! AMP-XC™ is an innovative biocatalyst that increases nutrient availability and improves plant performance to get more out of fertility management programs. To take it one step further, Turf Care Supply Corp. has paired the AMP-XC™ technology with the most concentrated organic substance, Humic, to create an enhanced fertilizer line with superior results and unlike anything else on the market!

TCS GrowStar™ Professional Fertilizers powered by AMP-XC™ are a premium all-encompassing blend of nutrients, protein hydrolysates and humic acids. This revolutionary product line is designed to meet your turf’s nutritional needs and deliver that nutrition to root systems with maximum uptake efficiency. This powerful combination of ingredients activates several beneficial biological and environmental responses in the plant and soil, resulting in a thicker, hardier root system and a dense, lush green turf.

Why is this Enhanced Line More Beneficial than Traditional Fertilizers?
Traditional fertilizers contain varying amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, 3 macronutrients essential for overall plant growth and health.  Even when abundant in the soil, these nutrients are of no benefit until they are absorbed by the plant’s root system. Over time, many of these nutrients are lost to the environment due to nitrification, volatilization, and leaching.  AMP-XC™ and Humic work together to increase overall root length and root hair density, significantly increasing the plant’s ability to access and transport more nutrients bound in the soil before they are lost. TCS GrowStar Professional Fertilizer powered by AMP-XC™ with Humic use macronutrients more efficiently by taking advantage of the plant’s naturally biochemistry. This results in a significant reduction in the amount of fertilizer needed, translating into a significant cost savings.

What is AMP-XC™?
is plant-derived protein hydrolysates made up of essential amino acids, naturally sourced and combined at a specific ratio to ensure excellent nutrient uptake resulting in a healthier, stronger turf. Proteins are essential macromolecules that catalyze numerous biochemical processes; the building blocks of proteins are amino acids. Amino acids are required at every stage of turf growth and are an essential component of plant metabolism (ex: photosynthesis, respiration, nutrition acquisition/ utilization, stress-tolerance mechanisms, etc.). Lush green turf color comes from foliar tissue packed with chlorophyll, pigmented molecules which allow the plant to convert sunlight into useful energy. Without an abundance of amino acids to build chlorophyll molecules, plants suffer from a condition called chlorosis, most commonly visualized by the yellowing of turf blades. 

What is Humic Acid?
Humic acids
are created by the microbial degradation of biomolecules (lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, lignin) dispersed in the environment after the death of living cells. Humic is an all-natural bio-stimulant that has a “hormone-like effect” on plant growth and metabolism, but without the negative side-effects of actual hormones. In addition to playing other roles in plant nutrition uptake, Humic acids have the remarkable ability to chelate (attach and hold) positively charged ions (Mg, Ca, Fe and other “trace minerals”) in the soil. Humic acids then deliver these essential micronutrients to the plant by adsorbing (attaching) to the root hairs so that they may be transported into the plant for use.

Humic acid is not a fertilizer, however, it greatly improves nutrient uptake and is an excellent complement to fertilizer. Humic can help break up compacted soils when applied to clay soils (aerate the soil from the inside), allowing for enhanced water penetration and improved root growth and development. When applied to sandy soils, humic substances add essential organic material and increase water retention resulting in an increase root growth rate and a decrease nutrient leaching. 

BENEFITS of Fertilizer powered by AMP-XC™ and Humic:

  • Delivers nutrition to the root systems with maximum uptake efficiency (saving cost on nutrients required!)
  • Activates biological and environmental responses in the plant and soil, resulting in a thicker, hardier root system and a dense, lush green turf
  • Deepens the plant’s green color through increased chlorophyll concentration resulting in increased photosynthesis
  • Enhances the uptake of nutrients (both micro and macro) within the soil
  • Acts as a natural chelator (which facilitates the uptake of trace minerals and prevents them from leaching out of the root zone in the soil)
  • Improves the sequestration of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other cations difficult to procure from the soil
  • Stimulates root growth (longer primary roots and more root hairs) leading to thicker, more stress-tolerant turf
  • Activates soil microorganisms which more efficiently breakdown organic matter
  • Supplements organic matter into organically-deficient soils
  • Improves seed germination
  • Improves heat and drought hardiness, as well as physical agitation stress (high foot traffic)
  • Fortifies turf’s ability to survive prolonged winter dormancy
  • Improves blade mass and vitality

To get beautiful healthy turf, the most out of your fertilizer program and the highest return on your financial nutrient investment, use fertilizer powered by AMP-XC™. Contact your distributor to order today.  CLICK HERE for more information on locating your local distributor. Download our Product Catalog for details.

COMING SOON: AMP-XC™ Liquid Concentrate for spray application!

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