Behind the Scenes Interview with Nicole Gerome

October 4, 2019

In 2018, TurfCare met professional female golfer Nicole Gerome. Nicole first caught our attention because of her extraordinary talent, hard work and passion for the sport but it was her story that stole our heart. Still early in her career, Nicole has courageously faced and overcome serious hurdles that have already made her an inspiration to many. Which is why TurfCare felt inspired to sponsor the talent and dreams of Nicole as she plays her way to the LPGA! Learn more about Nicole in this behind the scenes interview and meet her at our booth #21104 at the upcoming #GIEEXPO in Louisville, KY 10/16-10/18. Come challenge her to putt-putt, take pictures and get an autographed golf ball! Follow @turfcaresupply to get GIE EXPO event updates and schedule. 

Q: "Nicole, why did you first choose to play golf?"

Nicole Gerome: "I started playing golf when I was six years old. I really didn’t choose golf. Golf choose me. I absolutely love the game."

Q: "What makes you want to continue to play golf?"

Nicole Gerome: "I continue to play golf because it’s my passion and I absolutely love the game. It’s a sport you can play for a lifetime. Also I love being outdoors and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking on a golf course."

Q: "If you could achieve anything in golf right now, what would it be?"

Nicole Gerome: "My dream is to make it to the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association)"

Q: "How are you preparing to reach this goal in your career?"

Nicole Gerome: "I play and practice a lot. I have the best swing coaches. I also have a physical trainer and a mental coach that I work with. I also read mental/religious books to keep believing in myself."

Q: "What is the biggest hurdle you have had to face in your life and golf thus far?"

Nicole Gerome: "My biggest hurdle was when I found out that I have a rare heart condition. The doctors explained to me that my heart continually stops and they had no idea why. It’s a rare case, there are only four others in the world they know have it. With surgery and medicine I am blessed to say it’s under control.. but I still struggle on some days. My medication sometimes makes me dizzy which is not good for golf, especially when you are trying to putt haha."

Q: "What is your favorite part about playing professional golf?"

Nicole Gerome: "My favorite part about playing professional golf is the thrill of competing with women all over the world. I also love traveling and meeting lots of new people on the way."

Q: "What do you dislike the most about playing professional golf?"

Nicole Gerome: "My least favorite thing about playing professional golf is leaving my family. I’m very close with my family and leaving them is very hard for me."

Q: "Do you have any superstitious things you do before a tournament?"

Nicole Gerome: "Before a tournament I have to read my daily readings and listen to my worship music. Oh, and my socks must match every game... and i'm not sure if i would call it a superstition, but when i'd be having an off day, when i was young my dad would draw a smily face on my ball (which he still does when he comes to tournaments) and I sometimes do the same to cheer myself up and get my head back in the game. "

Q: "What is your favorite golf course you’ve played on?"

Nicole Gerome: "My favorite course that I’ve played on so far is Nemacolin in PA."

Q: "Who is your biggest inspiration in golf and/or life?"

Nicole Gerome: "My biggest inspiration in golf is Annika Sörenstam. In life my biggest inspiration is Bethany Hamilton."

Q: "What keeps you motivated after a bad day or defeat?"

Nicole Gerome: "After a defeat I always go over my shots and how I can improve for the next tournament. My faith always keeps me motivated. I also have the best support system around me that helps me to be the best version of myself and motivates me to do better as well."

Q: "How do you prepare for a tournament mentally and physically?"

Nicole Gerome: "I read religious/mental books to help me prepare for a tournament. I also study the course and take a lot of notes during practice. Also I have a golf coach to help me get ready mentally for a tournament as well. I also get on a good sleep schedule because sleep and resting is so important. I do a lot of stretching, cardio, and lift for endurance. Day of tournament I stretch and hydrate well."

Q: "What would you tell a young girl inspiring to be a golf pro?"

Nicole Gerome: "Being a professional athlete is a lifestyle that consumes every aspect of your life-- your free time, your body, and social life. You have to make a lot of sacrifices. It’s not easy but if you want it bad enough. Go for it! There are not too many people that are courageous enough to fight for what they really want in life. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you chasing your dreams. Always do what makes you happy, because you will never know unless you try."

Q: "What would you like to give back to your sport or community?"

Nicole Gerome:  "I want to bring back fun in women’s golf and encourage more people to watch. I would also want to represent my community and volunteer on school golf teams. Most importantly, to get more girls to play golf.

To follow Nicole and cheer her on as she plays her way to the LPGA, check her out @nicolegerome



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