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Liquid vs. Granular Fertilizer

November 20, 2017

Learn the PROs & CONs to Find Which Method is BETTER for Your LAWN CARE NEEDS! If you have ever fertilized a lawn, you have probably been faced with the dilemma of whether or not to use a liquid or a granular application. It is helpful to review their differences prior to making the choice of application to decide which will work best for you. Click to learn more...

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JOE KNOWS! Micronutrients Effect on Turf

November 20, 2017

Why They're Important and How pH Affects Their Bioavailability in Soil: When it comes to making the most of trace elements in the soil, plants are incredibly resourceful! These elements may only be needed in small quantities, but when deficient in soils their absence can have a profound effect on turf health. Find out what concentration of micronutrients is necessary to maintain a healthy plant, what are the micronutrients and how to maintain soil pH properly to enhance micronutrients in plants...

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Taking a Glance Inside the 2017 GIE+EXPO with the TurfCare™ Road Crew

November 17, 2017

Last month, the TurfCare Road Crew set out to Louisville, Kentucky to participate in the 2017 GIE+EXPO. Take a look to see what this years show was like through the eyes of the TurfCare Road Crew...

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