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TurfKiller: Mole Crickets

By TurfCare Supply   |  March 31, 2020

Mole crickets are an unusual family of crickets that live underground and has distinct front legs that help assist in tunneling through soil, hence how they get their name. These are common turfgrass pests that occur around the world and cause damage to crops and turfgrass alike.

#TurfTech - What are the benefits of Nitrogen Inhibitors?

March 3, 2020

A nitrogen inhibitor is a substance used to inhibit the biological oxidation of ammonium nitrogen to nitrate nitrogen in soil as well as help manage the conversion of urea to ammonia and carbon dioxide until adequate rain or irrigation can occur. Click to discover more on why this technology is important, the different types of inhibitor technology, and why using this technology could benefit a lawn as well as the environment...

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