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Turfgrass's Least WANTED Weeds - Cogongrass

December 5, 2019

If cogongrass has invaded your turf, then you need to take aggressive action before it spreads. Tiling or digging out the grassy weed can be an option; however, you can run the additional risk of spreading the rhizomes and increasing the invasion.

Turfgrass's Least WANTED Weeds - Bindweed

September 24, 2019

A broadleaf perennial that is one of the most difficult to control and persistent weeds in landscapes and crops. Its strong root and rhizome system prevents the possibility of removing the weed through cultivation, and in most cases, it actually makes the infestation worse.

Turfgrass's Least WANTED Weed - Spotted Spurge

May 13, 2019

Spotted spurge (Euphorbia maculate) is a summer annual weed with a taproot that is native to the Eastern United States. It’s often found to invade crops, gardens, trees, citrus, turf, ornamental beds, fields in sidewalk cracks and thin lawns. It thrives in poor, compacted soil and generally in unshaded areas and grows in mats which will choke out turfgrasses.

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Field Guide for Lawn Weeds

May 13, 2019

Wonder what's that weed invading your turf/lawn and how to eliminate? Check out this field guide for common lawn invaders and start getting rid of those weeds the professional way.