Frequently Asked Questions


Q: There are no spreader setting on the label or my spreader is not listed?

Answer: For a list of suggested professional or homeowner spreader settings, click here.



Q: When is it safe for kids and pets to return to the lawn?

Answer: Not all fertilizers are the same so READ the label. Review ingredients and follow instructions. The suggested wait before re-entry is:

Straight Fertilizer (just nutrients, no chemical): Safe to re-enter the lawn after a quarter inch of rain or a good watering then wait 24-48 hours

Control Fertilizers (Herbicides or Insecticide/weed or insect control chemistry): Safe to re-enter the lawn after 2 waters or 2 weeks

Note: Be sure the grass is dry before re-entry.  Control fertilizers are coated with a weed or insect control chemistry, once the fertilizer is watered, the chemistry enters the soil and is no longer on the fertilizer granular.



Q: What is the suggested seasonal fertilizer application calendar? (what products and when to use)

To view the suggested Professional Fertilizer Application Calendar, click here.
To view the suggested Homeowner Fertilizer Application Calendar, click here.



Q: Where can I buy TurfCare products?

Answer: Contact our customer service representatives to find a location near you!