Industries Serviced

Professional Products

Manufacturing Capabilities

Turf Care Supply's manufacturing facilities have been providing professional turf maintenance managers with premium quality products since 1974. Our professional product line includes both granular and liquid fertilizers, as well as a comprehensive assortment of combination granular fertilizer/control products to satisfy all of the turf manager’s needs. In addition, Turf Care Supply offers a selection of the top performing coated slow release nitrogen products as well as ALL-N, a stabilized nitrogen product.

Consumer Products

Turf Care Supply formulates its Retail Product line with the same premium quality materials as its Professional line. The assortment is based around a four step program that includes a pre emergent crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control, grub/insect control and a straight fertilizer. Also available is a surface insect control product. There is a warm season and cool season program to suit most of the agronomic conditions throughout the country.

Blending – Contract Packaging

Turf Care Supply operates blending/packaging facilities in Hatfield, MA. Martins Ferry, OH and Sebring, FL. Each plant has the capability to blend and produce straight granular product as well as the ability to apply a liquid additive to the raw material. We can package in most sizes from small pack to 2000 pound super sacks.