Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: 

George Albertson, EHS Manager

December 2018

George Albertson is the focus of our Employee Spotlight for December. 

Hired as EHS Manager, Mr. Albertson started on a full-time basis with TurfCare in October 2018.  He has personally visited each facility to become acclimated with our manufacturing processes and to oversee our Environmental and Safety practices.

Most recently the EHS Engineer for Phillips Healthcare in Cleveland, George has experience in Industrial Hygiene and Safety, EHS audits and Regulatory reporting.  He has served as the Program Manager for asbestos clean up sites as well as a radiation safety officer for past employers.

Mr. Albertson has extensive background and certifications in the safety arena holding such licenses as Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Environmental, Safety and Health Trainer (CET) and Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM).  He also has completed the 80-hour Hazwopper training and is a member of the American Society for Safety Engineers.

While this all sounds very technical, if you talk to George for a couple of minutes, you’ll quickly realize his passion is fishing.  He frequently travels to New York and Pennsylvania to fish and owns a cabin in southern Ohio.  He is married and lucky for him his wife likes to fish as well!


Employee Spotlight: 

Dan Finnessey, Operations Manager

October 2018

The Employee Spotlight for October features Dan Finnessey.  Dan is an Operations Manager for our Hatfield, Massachusetts facility.  Although he worked for Lesco for some time, Mr. Finnessey officially started with TurfCare in August of 2008.  Initially working out of our Westfield DC, Dan transitioned over to Hatfield in the fall of 2012.  He has held a variety of titles with TCS from Distribution Manager to Technical Manager and of course his current title of Operations Manager.

When asked why Dan should be featured, Scott McCoy, General Manager of the Hatfield facility, said it was an easy choice.  “He has an unprecedented dedication to his job.  Dan covers whatever shift is needed, no matter the time or day, if Dan is needed he is here.  He will never allow a shift to struggle and he stays until he feels comfortable that the shift is in a good place.  There are many days where we have to force him to leave…”

On top of the dedication to his position, Dan is very knowledgeable regarding many roles within the TCS Facility.  He can assist with scheduling, purchasing and distribution, all while ensuring the Hatfield plant operates smoothly.  At times, you can even find Dan jumping on the production line to assist as well.  Turf Care Supply is thankful to have Dan Finnessey managing operations and appreciative of his continued dedication to our company.


Employee Spotlight: 

Everett Thoman, 2nd Shift Supervisor

September 2018

TCS recognizes Everett Thoman, this month, for his outstanding achievement as  2nd Shift Supervisor at our Sebring, Florida facility.

Previously Everett served as Maintenance Technician and was recently promoted to  Sebring’s 2nd Shift Supervisor. Since then he has surpassed all expectations with hispowerful work ethic and leadership skills.  Everett leads with clear concise direction, excels in training new associates and supports seasoned associates with his deep mechanical expertise.  His facility knowledge, paired with his top notch supervisory skills has reduced downtime and improved plant delivery performance.  

Everett has become an integral part of the Sebring management team and an asset to TCS as a whole.


Employee Spotlight:

Gary Foote, National Account Manager – Southeast

August 2018

In the month of August, we shine the Employee Spotlight on Gary Foote.  Not only has he achieved a long and distinguished career in the Turf and Ornamental industry, Gary has gained the respect, admiration and affections of TurfCare employees, his customers and everyone around him.  His product and industry knowledge is astounding and the value he has brought to our company is immeasurable. But the one thing that stands out even more than Gary’s impressive career, is his character.  Gary always goes the extra mile with a big smile. Whatever the company or a customer needs he provides quickly. His kind and positive attitude is contagious, and he is a joy to everyone he works with.

Gary’s career started with our company when it was Lesco in 1985.  He held positions both in Sales and Warehouse Management throughout the years.  When the transition to TurfCare occurred in 2005, Gary became the Distribution Manager of the Sebring warehouse.  In late 2012 Gary again entered the selling phase and accepted the position of National Account Manager – Southeast. Since then, Gary has traveled all over the Southeast US, providing great care to his customers, gathering sales for our Sebring Plant and representing our company well.

After his extensive career in the Turf Industry, Gary will be retiring at the end of the year. Replacing the knowledge Gary has amassed during these years will be a difficult challenge. But we our honored and appreciative of the time he has spent with us and the amazing work he has done for our company. Even though he is going to retire, he will always be a cherished part of the TurfCare family. We all thank Gary for all he has done for TCS and wish him a long, safe and happy retirement!


Employee Spotlight:

Master Chief Brain Mengeu, General Manager at Martins Ferry Facility

June 2018

This month the employee spotlight shines on Brian Mengeu.  Although he is best know at Turf Care Supply as the General Manager of the Martins Ferry Plant, Brian has also had a very distinguished military career in the United States Navy of which he recently retired. Turf Care congratulates Brian for his 30 years of service to our country and achieving the highly respected rank of Master Chief.

Master Chief Mengeu joined Turf Care Supply Corp. (previously know as LESCO™) in 2002 and became Plant Manager of the Martins Ferry, Ohio Facility in 2007. Brian successfully manages one of Turf Care’s largest capacity blending facilities along with our coating facility which is one of the largest in the country. As with his prestigious military career, Brian has earned the utmost respect of Turf Care Supply Corp. and his peers by his outstanding leadership ability, team focus and high standard of service to all of our customers.

Master Chief Mengeu started his military career in March 1988 when he enlisted in the US Navy as a fireman recruit.  Upon completing Basic Training at Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL and Damage Control “A” school he reported to the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN-72) in Newport News, Virginia.  He was part of the nucleus crew for pre-commissioning work, becoming a Plankowner.  During this tour he served in Operation Desert Storm/Shield and Operation Fiery Vigil, where dependents were evacuated from Subic Bay, Philippines because of the Mount Pinatubo eruption.  He served onboard until July of 1992.

Affiliated with the Naval Reserves, Master Chief served with NR Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity Norfolk 2805 from December 1992 to March 1995, attached to Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center Moundsville, WV. During his tenure he served aboard the USS Boulder LST-1190 and cross rated to Hull Maintenance Technician. He then transferred to NR AD-41 USS Yellowstone from March 1995 until October 1998.  During this tenure he also supported Logistics Western Pacific Det. Sasebo, Japan.  He then transferred to NAVACTS UK 305 from October 1998 until October 2005.  He was selected as the Navy Marine Corps Reserve Center Moundsville Sailor of the Year in 2000.  During this time, he attended Point Park University and completed his BS in Mechanical Engineering in 2001.

October 2005, he transferred to NOSC Pittsburgh, PA to join the Surgemain pilot unit 213, providing journeyman level maintenance to the fleet.  He served his first tour at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.  He was one of the first of two Surgemain Sailors selected to support shop x11 at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, in 2007.  Additional tours followed at Point Loma, CA, and Norfolk, VA Naval Shipyards.  While attached to Surgemain Pittsburgh, Master Chief served in multiple leadership positions such as unit CO, XO, SEL and LPO, with collateral duty as National Manpower Senior Enlisted Leader for the last three years.  January 2013, he transferred to NOSC Columbus, OH, with Surgemain Central Northeast Region Headquarters, as Regional Senior Enlisted Leader.  Selected in February 2015, he served as NAVSEA Reserve Component Command Master Chief, through April 2017.  His responsibility was enlisted leadership for 73 units nationwide, 8 regions and 1500+ Sailors.  Master Chief currently serves as the Surgemain, Central Northeast Region Training Officer.

We thank him for his service and are very proud he is a member of the Turf Care team!


Employee Spotlight: 

Bryan Robertson, IT Network Administrator

May 2018

This month the Employee Spotlight is focused on the very deserving Bryan Robertson, Turf Care Supply’s IT Network Administrator.  Bryan joined the Information Technology department in August of 2007.  Highly valued by the company, Bryan jumps in to solve any and all network or hardware issues, when a good ole fashion reboot just won’t do the trick. 

Bryan has worked tirelessly to assure the security of the TCS network.  Even though it's difficult to stop every spam email, he has built a very secure system, recently upgrading our network protection once again and helping to deploy Microsoft Advanced Threat Protect to reduce our spam and phishing emails. 

Since our team and network have to be up and running during business hours, many network maintenance issues or upgrades have to take place in the evenings or weekends. Bryan never frets at this notion, even when it means working around the clock. Bryan always does what is needed to assure our network is safe and up to date.  Most recent, Bryan spent his weekend working to fix a phone system outage at one of our facilities to make sure everything was up and running by Monday morning.

Bryan has an innovative mind when exploring change and is always working toward making improvements.  He is constantly researching new ways to better our network and will not subscribe to the adage, “that’s the way we always did it.”  He also keeps an eye on the bottom line.  He negotiated with multiple computer hardware vendors to find the optimal solution for TCS for the best value.

In this day and age, we cannot live without our computers, phones, and technology.  That is why Bryan is such an integral and valued part of the TCS team, he keeps or networks secure, our company running smoothly and our employees connected.  We found our go to person in Bryan Robertson and we give him the long overdue recognition in this months’ employee spotlight.