AMP-XC™ Liquid Concentrate

Item#: 903767
Description: TCS AMP-XC™ Liquid Concentrate
Size: 1 gallon (bulk sizes and totes also avialable)
Coverage: 128,000 sq ft
NOTE: Can be tank mixed with most products.

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TCS AMP-XC™ Liquid Concentrate with Iron & Humic

AMP-XC™ (L) is an innovative fertilizer biocatalyst, revolutionizing the green industry, this powerful combination of ingredients activates a multitude of beneficial biological and environmental responses in the plant and soil, resulting in a thicker, hardier root system and a dense, lush green turf/plant. 

Ingredients include:
AMP-XC™, Humic & Chelated Iron (All 100% soluble)

Six Problems - One Solution! AMP-XC™ Liquid is a multi - purpose product that helps you solve 6 common lawn issues with one easy to apply solution. Easily tank mixes with fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides or can be applied alone. Restore, protect and $ave! AMP Up the health and lush green appearance of your lawn and improve the effectiveness of your current turf management program. 

BENEFITS: Six Problems - SOLVED!

1. Deeper & Stronger Roots
2. Stress Recovery & Prevention
3. Greening
4. Seed Establishment
5. Nutrient Availability & Uptake
6. Restrictions or Blackout

How Does it Work?

1. Deeper & Stronger Roots

AMP-XC™ in combination with (7%) humic substances, creates an environment that stimulates the plant to produce additional root cores and expanded lateral root hairs, maximizing water and nutrient uptake.


2. Stress Recovery & Prevention

AMP-XC™  (L) contains a high concentration and diversified metabolites harvested from beneficial soil bacteria.  These metabolites increase turf’s metabolism resulting in increased tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses.  Turf treated with AMP-XC™ (L) can better withstand drought, salt, temperature, and insect stresses, as well as mechanical agitation from foot traffic.


3. Greening

AMP-XC™ (L) contains highly soluble chelated iron for maximum uptake.  Turf treated with AMP-XC™ (L) exhibits a rich, lush, dark green appearance. 


4. Seed Establishment

AMP-XC™ (L) significantly speeds the rate of seed germination and conditions the soil so that newly germinating roots take hold quickly.


5. Nutrient Availability & Uptake

AMP-XC™ (L) stimulates plants to uptake nutrients more efficiently.  In many studies, soils supplemented with AMP-XC™ (L) allow nitrogen inputs to be reduced by up to 30% without adverse effects (which can result in a 30% cost savings to you!).  Plants use fertilizer more efficiently when AMP-XC™ (L) is used at the recommended application rate.


6. Restrictions or Blackout

AMP-XC™ (L) contains no N-P-K, so it’s safe to use anytime of year in regions with fertilizer restrictions or blackout periods. AMP-XC™ will act as a nutrient harvester, up-taking the nutrients already present in the soil to improve the health of the plant.


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science AMP-XC™ Liquid.

Ingredient Breakdown

AMP-XC™ Technology

Description: An innovative and proprietary formula of microbial metabolites sourced from beneficial soil bacteria.  Some of the metabolites present in the formula include protein hydrolysates, organic acids, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and fulvic acids.

Primary Benefits:

  • Increases plant metabolism and development
  • Improves nutrient uptake efficiency
  • Enhances biotic and abiotic stress resistance (drought, salt, temperature, and insect stresses, as well as mechanical agitation from foot traffic)

HUMIC (7%)

Description: Most condensed organic material available.

Primary Benefits:

  • Stimulates vigorous root development
  • Retains moisture in the soil
  • Chelates micro-nutrients, preventing them from leaching
  • Promotes the colonization of beneficial soil microbes

Chelated Iron (.4%)

Description: Chelated iron (EDTA iron) is a form of soluble iron that is readily available for absorption by plants and the most efficient method for treating chlorosis (yellowing/loss of greening).

Primary Benefits:

  • 100% soluble
  • Helps plants synthesize chlorophyll molecules
  • Gives plants a rich, deep green vibrancy

How to Use

AMP-XC™ Liquid can be applied to:

  • Turf

  • Newly Seeded Lawns

  • Sod

  • Ornamentals

...and works great for hydroseeding!

Application methods & details:

  • Tank mix with almost anything*; fertilizers, herbicides or Insecticides.
  • Use without worry of clogging spray nozzles
  • Can be applied anytime during the growing season
  • *Review label of product you want to mix to ensure no restriction.

Recommended Application

Residential Turf and Landscape Plantings - Golf Course Greens, Tees and Fairways:

Two (2) oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. followed by
one (1) oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. per month or every time you fertilize. Hydroseeding: Two (2) oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.

Athletic Fields:

Two (2) oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. (2 3/4 quarts per acre) every time you fertilize.


Foliar: Initial: 42 oz. per 100 gallons of water.

Maintenance Program (Every 3-4 weeks):
21 oz. per 100 gallons of water.

Drench: Initial:  21 oz. per 100 gallons
of water.

Maintenance Program (Every 3-4 weeks):
21 oz. per 100 gallons of water.