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Manufacturing Premium Quality Fertilizers, Control Products & Soil Amendments to the Professional Green Industry Since 1974.


Turf Care Supply Corp. manufactures a variety of high quality American made, professional grade lawn care products including fertilizers, controlled release fertilizers, control products, combination products and soil amendments. We package our professional turf products under the TCS GrowStar™ and TurfCare™ brand as well as manufacture products for private labels.

We sell our products through distributors who sell to professional lawn care companies, golf courses, sports fields, sod farms, and a variety of other customers in the green industry.

We operate three manufacturing facilities in Hatfield, MA, Martins Ferry, OH and Sebring, FL. These locations enable us to provide our high quality products and outstanding service throughout the Northeast, Mid Central, Mid Atlantic and Southern markets.

 What Makes TurfCare™ Products So Different?  


  • Uses high quality raw materials to ensure premium finished product.
  • Sieves (sifts) product three times before bagging to reduce dust.
  • TurfCare™ meets or exceeds EPA guidelines regarding manufacturing cleanout specifications for all Active Ingredient changeovers.
  • AI analysis – For products containing Active Ingredients (AI), TurfCare™ completes a full analytical test for the presence of AI on every batch of product we run.
  • Thorough Dissolution Rate Analysis is performed on all slow release products.
  • TurfCare™ meets or exceeds FIFRA requirements.


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Employee Spotlight: 

Erica Tucker, Senior Cost Accountant

The company hired Erica Tucker in 1998. Since then she has held many different integral roles where she has developed a valuable and diverse skill set leading to her current position as Senior Cost Accountant.  

Erica began her career at the Martins Ferry, Ohio facility as the Inventory Cycle Counter, successfully leading the site through many enduring physical stop counts.  She progressed to the Raw Material Planner for both blending and coating plant operations, during record production years.  At this record production time the coating plant was producing on a 24 hour, 7 day a week schedule and the blending department was running combination products 24 hours, 5 days a week. Erica was able to handle this intense schedule without a problem. She currently works as Senior Cost Accountant, with plant collateral duties including; processing payroll, human resource needs, overseeing inventory, accounts payable and purchase order functions.  She excels in this position, due in combination to her experience and understanding she has acquired from her previous roles and to the Bachelor in Accounting degree she received from Ohio University.  

Turf Care Supply is honored to have Erica Tucker, a great team player and an integral part of the team’s success! Erica is a star.