Turf Care Supply Corp.

Manufacturing Premium Quality Products to the Professional Green Industry Since 1974


Turf Care Supply Corp. is the leading manufacturing for the green industry, blending a variety of high-quality, professional grade lawn care products including fertilizers, controlled release fertilizers, control products, combination products and soil amendments. We package our professional grade turf products under the TCS GrowStar™ and TurfCare™ brand as well as manufacture a variety private and national branded products in the professional and retail industry.

With unmatched loyalty to our distributors and dealers, we sell our products strictly through them who in turn supply to our many valued endusers in the professional lawn care and golf industry as well as the residential home owner.

We operate three state of the art manufacturing facilities and one of the few coating plants in the United States. Strategically located in Hatfield, MA, Martins Ferry, OH and Sebring, FL, our locations enable us to provide high-quality products and outstanding service throughout the Northeast, Mid Central, Mid Atlantic and Southern markets.

 What Makes TurfCare™ Products So Different?  


  • Uses high-quality raw materials to ensure premium finished product.
  • Sieves (screens) product three times before bagging to reduce dust.
  • TurfCare™ meets or exceeds EPA guidelines regarding manufacturing clean out specifications for all Active Ingredient changeovers.
  • AI analysis – For products containing Active Ingredients (AI), TurfCare™ completes a full analytical test for the presence of AI on every batch of product we run.
  • Thorough Dissolution Rate Analysis is performed on all slow release products.
  • TurfCare™ meets or exceeds FIFRA requirements.
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News & Product Updates

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  • What's that Weed? Creeping Thistle What's that Weed? Creeping Thistle A member of the Asteraceae family of Creeping Thistle is an herbaceous perennial weed with sharp, prickly leaves (sometimes with lilac-pink flowers) that emerges in early June and can infest landscapes throughout the U.S. through late October.  A member of the Asteraceae family of thistles, this weed can spread rapidly via its highly aggressive spreading root system, or its ability to scatter thousands of seeds in a short time.  read more
  • TurfCare™ Academy: The Science Behind Humic Substances TurfCare™ Academy: The Science Behind Humic Substances Did you know not all humic substances are alike? The category of “humic substances” represents a large variety of humic compounds with very different properties. Some humics are beneficial; others have little or no benefit to plants. Did you know that most states don’t require manufactures of fertilizers and soil amendments to tell you which kinds of humic substances are inside their products? Don’t be fooled into purchasing humic-based products that don’t work! Learning the basic science behind humic substances will give you the tools you need to understand which humic-based products have the most value... read more

Employee Spotlight: 

Master Chief Brain Mengeu, General Manager at Martins Ferry Facility

This month the employee spotlight shines on Brian Mengeu.  Although he is best know at Turf Care Supply as the General Manager of the Martins Ferry Plant, Brian has also had a very distinguished military career in the United States Navy of which he recently retired. Turf Care congratulates Brian for his 30 years of service to our country and achieving the highly respected rank of Master Chief... Read More>>