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Manufacturing Premium Quality Fertilizers, Control Products & Soil Amendments to the Professional Green Industry Since 1974


Turf Care Supply Corp. manufactures a variety of high-quality American made, professional grade lawn care products including fertilizers, controlled release fertilizers, control products, combination products and soil amendments. We package our professional turf products under the TCS GrowStar™ and TurfCare™ brand as well as manufacture products for private labels.

We sell our products through distributors who sell to professional lawn care companies, golf courses, sports fields, sod farms, and a variety of other customers in the green industry.

We operate three manufacturing facilities in Hatfield, MA, Martins Ferry, OH and Sebring, FL. These locations enable us to provide our high-quality products and outstanding service throughout the Northeast, Mid Central, Mid Atlantic and Southern markets.

 What Makes TurfCare™ Products So Different?  


  • Uses high-quality raw materials to ensure premium finished product.
  • Sieves (screens) product three times before bagging to reduce dust.
  • TurfCare™ meets or exceeds EPA guidelines regarding manufacturing clean out specifications for all Active Ingredient changeovers.
  • AI analysis – For products containing Active Ingredients (AI), TurfCare™ completes a full analytical test for the presence of AI on every batch of product we run.
  • Thorough Dissolution Rate Analysis is performed on all slow release products.
  • TurfCare™ meets or exceeds FIFRA requirements.



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Employee Spotlight: 

Joe Brin, Sr. Technical Manager

This month we place the Employee Spotlight on Joe Brin from our Hatfield, MA facility.  Joe joined TCS in June of 2013 and Hatfield employees will admit their lives have never been the same since.

Hired into our maintenance department, Joe is responsible for overseeing the maintenance staff and keeping the Hatfield facility finely tuned.  He brings a high energy and dedication to the position that is matched by very few.  Whether it be a new piece of machinery being installed or troubleshooting an existing piece of equipment, Joe will be at the plant until the job is completed.

Joe served in the US Army for five years.  After his discharge he served as a supervisor for pipe fitters and welders at several companies.  Originally hired as a Maintenance Technician in 2013 by TCS, Joe was quickly promoted to Technical Manager in 2015 and ultimately to his current role of Sr. Technical Manager in February 2017.  All TCS maintenance employees and supervisors fall under Joe’s tutelage.

Some of Joe’s major accomplishments since joining TCS include:

  • 2014-2015 F&L Install and Implementation of new continental
  • 2016-2017 Back End Automation and Hooder Projects in Sebring, FL and Hatfield, MA facility
  • 2017 Helped implement new preventative maintenance program in Hatfield, MA facility
  • Achieved the lowest equipment downtime in the company for the past 4 years

Joe is a true diamond in the rough.  He uniquely combines the technical expertise with a loyalty, dedication and willingness to learn that puts him in a class all his own.  Spend a day with Joe at the plant and you will leave exhausted.  Joe Brin exemplifies the TCS spirit and it is easy to see why we put the spotlight on him this April.