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Manufacturing Premium Quality Products to the Professional Green Industry Since 1974


Turf Care Supply Corp. is the leading manufacturing and product innovator to the professional green industry since 1974. Blending a variety of premium quality lawn care products including fertilizers, controlled release fertilizers, control products, combination products and soil amendments using only the latest and most highly effective technologies. We package our products under the TCS GrowStar™ and TurfCare™ brand as well as manufacture a variety of private and national branded products in the lawn care industry. As the leader in innovation, Turf Care Supply Corp. continues to revolutionize the industry with scientifically advanced technologies like the nationally acclaimed AMP-XC™ fertilizer biocatalyst.

With unmatched loyalty to our distributors and dealers, we sell our products strictly through them who in turn supply to our many valued endusers in the professional lawn care and golf industry as well as the residential home owner. (For Turf Care Supply Corp. products, contact your local distributor or contact us to locate one near you)

We operate three state of the art manufacturing facilities and one of the few coating plants in the United States. Strategically located in Hatfield, MA, Martins Ferry, OH and Sebring, FL, our locations enable us to provide high-quality products and outstanding service throughout the Northeast, Mid Central, Mid Atlantic and Southern markets.

 What Makes TurfCare™ Products So Different?  


  • Uses high-quality raw materials to ensure premium finished product.
  • Sieves (screens) product three times before bagging to reduce dust.
  • TurfCare™ meets or exceeds EPA guidelines regarding manufacturing clean out specifications for all Active Ingredient changeovers.
  • AI analysis – For products containing Active Ingredients (AI), TurfCare™ completes a full analytical test for the presence of AI on every batch of product we run.
  • Thorough Dissolution Rate Analysis is performed on all slow release products.
  • TurfCare™ meets or exceeds FIFRA requirements.
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  • Solubility – The Key to Plant Nutrition Solubility – The Key to Plant Nutrition One of the most important concepts in fertilizer chemistry and plant nutrition is “solubility.”  In the plant sciences, solubility is defined as how readily nutrients are dissolved in water and can be taken up by plants.  There are many factors that can affect the solubility of a nutrient, including but not limited to chemical structure, ion charge, temperature, and pressure.  pH can also have a profound impact on the solubility of nutrients; this is because different types of nutrients in a solution/soil colloid will tend to attract or repel each other based on their chemical properties.  Sometimes it is beneficial to fertilize plants with highly soluble nutrients; sometimes it’s detrimental.  In this feature, well examine the topic of solubility in greater detail so that you have a better grasp as to how the nutrients you choose to fertilizer with will 1.) react with the environment and 2.) affect plant health... read more
  • The Glyphosate Debate The Glyphosate Debate If you’ve been watching the news as of late, you probably heard about a record lawsuit in California.  A state court recently ordered Monsanto to pay $289 million in damages to a groundskeeper who developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (a form of cancer).  In the landmark case, the plaintiff argued that decades of exposure to RoundUp™ (the trade name for Monsanto’s glyphosate chemistry) led to his medical condition... Since there are multiple opinions on the topic, we decided to only provide the facts. This way you can decide whether you think it’s safe after we reveal the details in this Glyphosate Debate. read more

Employee Spotlight: 

Dan Finnessey, Operations Manager

October 2018

The Employee Spotlight for October features Dan Finnessey.  Dan is an Operations Manager for our Hatfield, Massachusetts facility.  Although he worked for Lesco for some time, Mr. Finnessey officially started with TurfCare in August of 2008.  Initially working out of our Westfield DC, Dan transitioned over to Hatfield in the fall of 2012.  He has held a variety of titles with TCS from Distribution Manager to Technical Manager... Read More>>