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To all of our valued customers and suppliers;

Like everyone in the United States and around the world, TurfCare shares its sincere hopes for a conclusion to the current Covid 19 crisis.

Our hearts go out to all of the citizens of this planet that have been impacted by the virus, who have endured the loss of loved ones and seen their businesses and vocations disrupted by the economic impact of the pandemic.

This is truly a once in a lifetime event and how we react to it – and to each other – will say a great deal about the quality and character of the American experience. We now know, if we already didn’t, that human beings are indelibly linked together in a global human family, and we have to learn to live together and fight global challenges like this, together. 

At TurfCare, our most important concern is the safety and health of our incredible associates, all of whom continue to work every day, whether inside the manufacturing facilities, or in their homes supporting the daily activities of the firm. These individuals, as in many firms continuing to operate  - are the true economic heroes in our country today – as are the thousands upon thousands of health workers, policeman, military, fire and other critical industry associates, all whom continue to perform despite the risks they bear.

Even in the very worst of moments, we can sometimes see the very best in all of us. And as we work through this crisis, and we will work through it, TurfCare stands with our customers and suppliers – and our associates – to do whatever is within our power to help all of us push through this moment in history with the minimum of disruption possible – so that we can be ready to come out the other side and be a strong participant in re-energizing our industry and our economy  after the crisis abates.

From our family of associates to yours we urge you to follow sensible sanitary guidelines and social distancing, and to stay calm and never lose hope – human beings have survived far worse than this – and we will survive this as well.

That is a certainty.

William Milowitz
President & Chief Executive Officer
Turf Care Supply Corporation



TurfCare Supply Corp. is the leading manufacturer, product innovator and educator to the professional green industry since 1974. TCSC blends a variety of premium quality lawn care products using only the highest quality raw materials and the most effective technologies available. With three state of the art manufacturing facilities, extensive product knowledge and an R & D team of highly respected agronomists and innovators, TurfCare is revolutionizing  professional turf management products. Through developing cutting edge technologies that offer better performance, environmental sustainability and improved plant health, TurfCare is committed to excelling the industry and turf, into a much greener future.


 What Makes TurfCare™ Products So Different?  


Our Manufacturing Assurance...

  • Highest Quality Raw Materials 
  • Products Screened three Times Before Bagging to Reduce/Eliminate Dust
  • Meets or Exceeds EPA Guidelines
  • Meets or Exceeds FIFRA Requirements
  • AI (Active Ingredient) Analysis Guarantee
  • Dissolution Rate Analysis Performed on all Slow Release Products to Assure Effective and Accurate Results

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