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Turf Care Supply Corp. is the leading manufacturing and product innovator to the professional green industry since 1974. Blending a variety of premium quality lawn care products including fertilizers, controlled release fertilizers, control products, combination products and soil amendments using only the latest and most highly effective technologies. We package our products under the TCS GrowStar™ and TurfCare™ brand as well as manufacture a variety of private and national branded products in the turf care industry, including golf, sports turf and landscape. As the leader in innovation, Turf Care Supply Corp. continues to revolutionize the industry with scientifically advanced technologies like the nationally acclaimed AMP-XC™ fertilizer biocatalyst.

We operate three state of the art manufacturing facilities and one of the few coating plants in the United States. Strategically located in Hatfield, MA, Martins Ferry, OH and Sebring, FL, our locations enable us to provide high-quality products and outstanding service throughout the Northeast, Mid Central, Mid Atlantic and Southern markets.

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 What Makes TurfCare™ Products So Different?  


Our Manufacturing Assurance...

  • We only source and blend high quality raw materials to ensure premium finished goods
  • Sieves (screen) products three times before bagging to reduce/eliminate dust
  • Meets or exceeds EPA guidelines regarding manufacturing clean out specifications for ALL Active Ingredient changeovers
  • Meets or exceeds FIFRA requirements
  • AI analysis guarantee – For products containing Active Ingredients (AI), we complete a full analytical test for the presence of AI on every batch of product manufactured
  • A thorough Dissolution Rate Analysis is performed on all slow release products to assure effective and accurate results
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